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О Компании "КОРТЕС"


KORTES Centre was launched in May 1991 as a privately - owned independent information and research entity to provide services to companies operating in the Russian oil market.

Over the past years KORTES has established itself as Russia's leader in providing comprehensive and reliable data concerning the crude oil, oil products and petrochemicals markets and the business activity of the subjects of these markets.

Over 400 subscribers (among them Russian and foreign oil companies, producers and refiners, oil products distribution and marketing companies, processors of client's oil, independent traders, news agencies and state organisations) receive information from KORTES on a regular basis.


Price monitoring (crude oil, oil products and petrochemicals prices and processing fees).
Statistics (production and market data).
Market studies of regional products markets and single product markets.
Profiles of oil companies, oil refining and petrochemicals works, market reports and reference sources.
Reference books and glossaries covering all areas of the oil business.
Oil and Gas Complex weekly digest.
Oil Products Market information and reference system.

KORTES possesses vast databases of facts and statistics that ensure a virtually comprehensive coverage of issues related to the oil and petrochemical complexes of Russia. KORTES's clients have an opportunity to obtain information - both up-to-date and retrospective - on a wide spectrum of issues. Services are provided to our clients either on a scheduled basis (for instance, delivery of weekly price reports) or in the form of consultations as required.


Problem analysis and task definition.
Initial data analysis.
Interviews and polls.
Simulation and expert assessment.
Conclusions and recommendations.

KORTES makes use of its own correspondents' original information, which is compared to and supplemented with federal statistics and data from ministries and departments.


Reliable sources of information.
Extensive contacts with enterprises and companies.
Unique databases.
Highly qualified experts that have been involved in training programmes abroad and that have a working knowledge of foreign languages.
High quality of work.

KORTES's experts - analysts, process engineers, economists and programmers - are involved in preparing over 90 periodical information and analytical products, in developing and implementing specialised software used for studies of the regional markets and single product markets

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